About Us 關於我們


- 酒店和商業合同
- 住宅和小企業
- 政府

我們的產品主要分為 5大類:
- 地氈和膠地板材料
- 牆紙材料
- 室內裝飾材料
- 建築 /建材
- 玻璃貼膜/窗簾

90年代以來寶豐行一直是澳門市場的領導者。寶豐行在商業及住宅安裝地氈項目上擁有30年的工作經驗,現並提供膠地板及自流平的安裝服務。 我們一直致力於為客戶提供高品質的產品和優質的客戶服務。


POU FUNG HONG Carpets and Wallpapers (PFH) was founded in 1984. Our versatile business delivers high-quality products and professional services in the following areas:

- Hotel and Commercial Contract
- Residential and Small Business
- Government

Our products are divided into 5 major categories:
- Carpet and Vinyl Flooring Materials
- Wall-covering Materials
- Interior Decorative Materials
- Construction/Building Materials
- Window Film/Blinds

Since the 1990s, PFH has been the market leader in Macau. PFH brings 30 years of experience in carpet installation for both commercial and residential projects. PFH also provides installation service to both vinyl floor-coverings and self-leveling compounds. We have always been committed in providing high-quality products and first-rate customer service. From PFH’s extensive selection of merchandise to on-site and after sales-support, PFH is dedicated to customer satisfaction.